To eliminate the possibility of having color shade reflection difference among panels on single building surface, it is recommended that all panels to be install in one single direction according to arrows printed shown on protective film of the individual panels running parallel as per illustration below :

The Panel must not be continuously exposed to temperatures up to 70 degree Celsius or above.

It is recommended that the protective film to be remove after the panel installation and/or to be removed by 45 days after the installation.

Maintenance & Cleaning
Cleaning operations should be carried out in stages from the top and working downwards. Alocodrand Composite panel can be easily cleaned with water and sponge or with a soft bristled brush and mild detergent solution. Avoid strong alkaline or acid products and abrasive solutions. The cleaning should be followed with a thorough rising with clean water to ensure the removal of all remnants of the cleaning agent used earlier. It is recommended that cleaning to be done once a year. However the cleaning frequency will depend on the location and environmental conditions.

Cleaning Procedures of Alocodrand Aluminium Composite panels
In general, Alocodrand Composite panels which are coated with PVDF coating (polyvinylidene fluoride), a high performance fluoropolymer, will not adhere/show much appreciable amount of dirt collection. However, depending on the geographic location and local atmospheric conditions, routine cleaning maintenance is recommended in order to maintain the panel’s original appearance. Cleaning should be done at least annually and possibly more frequently, depending upon: